Who we are

The Company and its activities

Ipcochemical Europe Srl is a young company. It was established in summer 2009, recording the activities Ipcochemical SpA, in order to use the technical and commercial expertise of its staff to develop the Italian and foreign market penetration of coolants and lubricants and brake.
Ipcochemical Europe Srl, taking advantage of forty years’ experience, has acquired a large part of the national market is used antifreeze fluids in transport and industry.

Diversification beyond the popular automotive sector, which has also added new products, designed to cover a variety of niche markets, particularly the large transport companies managed by the Municipal Services, but extends to industrial refrigeration systems, refrigeration and food environment, with products that meet the ecological needs.

Furthermore, the extension of the range of products to the field of hydraulic fluids for automotive and industry and customer diversification helps maintain market share and production levels even in the current economic and international competition, again ensuring continuity of method and production concept.

The raw materials are purchased in large quantities (in batches of about 2,000 tons each) directly from major world producers. The supply of different international markets can not depend, for price and availability, individual producers or exigent circumstances.

The Company’s vertical integration with systems for the plastics processing allows the production of packaging immediately in accordance with the needs of customers.

Our Laboratories, conducted by personnel with decades of experience in the field, allow the production of quality products in the same, if not superior, to that of the major world producers (multinationals).


Of note Ipcochemical was one of the first chemical companies to obtain, in 1994, the prestigious Quality Certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001, now updated to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

The structure and equipment of laboratories have been completely rebuilt and upgraded to a new building, occupying an area of 600 m2 and installing of the art equipment, with an investment, in 2004, more than 500,000 €.

Research has enabled not only the diversification of products, but also the development of formulations that permit the creation of competitive products with different raw materials, procured depending on market availability.

The current location of production, including a streamlined factory in Northern Italy and one in the center, allows significant savings in terms of logistics.

The Company’s Quality System and some antifreeze products have been market leader since 1994 and are still getting certificates from primary official bodies (Certiquality according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and in accordance with the SURE ANFIA standards).
The production of antifreeze fluids is integrated with those of brake fluid (Brake Fluids) and lubricants.

Company Organization

The organization of the Company is set on a few key officials (index of organizational agility), with proven experience in both industry leading companies in terms of management and technology. The interaction among these people, allows for continuous, efficient and functional operation time not only to ensure effective management, but also to provide complete customer service in real time.

Sales and Distribution Structure and Strategies

Our customers are loyal and is essentially the result of a rigorous selection, which considers the creditworthiness of that element for the continuation of the relationship.
It emphasizes the low rate of incidence of the outstanding (far less than 1% of turnover) of our Company.
Our specialization in the field is such that some of our major competitors producers, having worked rational calculations of convenience, were persuaded to produce, with their brands, in our factories, located in a strategic position in Italy.
The distribution of products with our brand in Italy and in Europe takes place only through large distributors to customers, having already established in sectors and related products, have also realized that the sale of our products on their distribution network would have allowed considerable optimization , or other significant fixed costs of their business.
Selling expenses related to the management of several clients affected modestly, because we are highly competitive and therefore able to achieve our sales targets without considerable effort.
It should also be noted that our clientele is mainly made up of established multi-brand companies, and for this reason the sale is only for large lots in areas of expertise, enabling the delivery on their deposits with low costs of transport and distribution.

Market Characteristics

The market is ripe for conventional products, but not for developed and introduced through laboratory research and marketing.
It therefore provides a long period of development for our company, as the market trend is in our favor.
Ipcochemical Europe Srl work in the field of chemical auxiliary automotive industry. Our main competitor is a corporation that imposes its own brand and that will be increasingly difficult in a scenario in which the seller of motor vehicles will have more brands of auxiliary fluids for sale, but will not be willing to have more brands to use for the same function.
It is therefore easier for our company to develop a single product is for multiple brands of cars, rather than imposing more marks in a warehouse service and maintenance.
This policy has enabled us to exceed 50% of the domestic market and allow us to quickly reach a high percentage of European and Mediterranean markets in which we are already present in most countries (France, Spain, England, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia , Macedonia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Algeria, Tunisia, etc..), boasting around 10% of the global possibility of absorption.
We now have about a thousand customers, with an average annual growth over the last decade, around 8%.
In recent years we have helped to rationalize the cycles of production and logistics of major oil companies such as ENI and Total, substituting with our involvement in productions that represented for them a problem and an opportunity for us.