Development and Growth

Policy development and growth drivers

The core criteria of future developments arising from the experience gained in over forty years in the industry by our management staff.
Diversification of products derived from the information and results of marketing research.
Will be sought political loyalty of customers and we intend to acquire new customers both nationally and on the foreign (Eastern Europe, North Africa, Middle East) through participation in international fairs and meetings with dedicated stand.
Will develop products with our brand, integrating production with customer’s brand products, but these can be incorporated seamlessly into our production cycle.
Continue the policy of supply of raw materials, tending to grant us free from any impairment arising from events outside the international market, such as those of a political and monetary union. This policy will essentially be set through a diversification of supply sources (not just the Middle East, but also Eastern European Countries) and the internal research of new alternative formulas, which already allow the use of alternative raw materials because even more than 30%.
The annual expenditure for research exceed 2% of turnover.
These criteria are in place and allow a projection of the structure and business activities not only in the immediate future, but at least the next 5-10 years.
We have to be searched (in receipt of related grants), enabling the use of raw materials readily available and that will reduce dependence on foreign oil and derived products, the latter more likely to be influenced by political events international.
The new formulas, while respecting local regulations in the automotive industry, are at the forefront in the use of specific products to protect the environment.

Company Continuity

The current corporate structure, with considerable experience, has already selected staff to continue development in every vital sector (Finance, Production, Sales, Marketing, Quality, Research and Development, Logistics). Continuity is ensured by the inclusion in key positions, already successfully implemented for several years, executives loyal with over ten years of experience in business ..
The increase of distribution centers in major countries will continue to develop in new areas, following our methodological criteria that have allowed development in past decades Ipcochemical customer loyalty and personal relationship with existing structures in the area.
Our position on the Italian market, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East is growing stronger, because some corporations are already producing in our factory for delivery to their customers in those areas, creating mutual economies of scale.
We can therefore conclude, in the light of the above and what is currently in place, with the finding that currently we are already exporting experience and know-how in neighboring countries with the same method that was the basis of establishment and development of Ipcochemical in Italy. The activity thus conceived has led us to position ourselves on the market at an intermediate level, favoring a high quality of products, not be considered valid for a company small and negligible , but keeping size to not be overly large and established corporations to oppose us and with unlimited financial resources.

Forecast of development in the primary auxiliary fluids for automotive

In extending the range of primary auxiliary fluids for automotive, Research Ipcochemical Europe had to reformulate products that respond to market research conducted in recent years.
This research, which clearly indicated that innovations in the automotive world and the consequent demand for new formulations went hand in hand with the problems arising from the use of new materials and special alloys or new ways of transmission of the movement. Furthermore, the formulation of the primary fluid, must necessarily ensure a longer life cycle (at least twice that earlier) and this, for the primary fluid, was highly regarded.

Ipcochemical Europe reacts promptly to requests for new auxiliary automotive fluids, which are valid in terms of physical-chemical characteristics of the performance, offering the market products under its own brand or that of subsidiaries. Now, the new formulations give rise to an ever-increasing use, in mixtures of bases that better engage the sophisticated technologies of the last generations.
Ipcochemical, always very attentive to the markets, has developed a strong partnership and extensive sales and marketing across Europe with major companies. With this method, he understood where and how to operate, both in changing markets than in those who will have to evolve, studying and identifying systems and sales channels present and future.
As regards, for example, Italy, has acted as quoted above: product reformulation, taking account of market research and estimating the trend (volumes, market values ​​and resulting margins) but, more importantly, reading the signals from the market.
One must consider that the market will become increasingly immersed in a fleet that is renewed and that this renewed demand for primary fluid conventional bases will subside slowly over time, resulting in gradual reduction of the value / volume of the market. This lowering is already known in the large and intense ongoing competition between the major companies in a competition which, for example in the sales network (ie, service stations), is losing volumes and is no longer able to generate an appreciable margin of profit . This, despite the use of increasingly senior investment (promotions) in a market which, even if still in Italy, a considerable volume, had to record a loss in domestic demand more than two digits.
The primary market for conventional fluids is therefore intended, not in a very short time, to change to the benefit of an increase in market value and margins of profit generated by the growth of the primary fluid with modified characteristics, as required by the market for this, as described at the beginning, Ipcochemical claim to be ready to respond to all needs.
Our contacts with foreign producers of battery-operated vehicles are providing interesting results for a future is now at hand.