Sales Channels

Sales Channels /Geographical areas

A product must take the shortest way to reach consumers

And ‘in deference to this rule primary Ipcochemical Europe Srl has set the first phase of development and selected its own sales channels. These channels, existing in every Italian region, have the characteristic of being present and attentive service is to give customers “Professional” than to “DIY “.
During the breeding work, Ipcochemical has given special care in selecting potential distributors are able to operate in their territory and to develop, enjoy, where they existed, although the contribution of agents who, in turn, can take a dynamic marketing sales to customers’ Professional “.
The amount of such distribution channels, the country had more than 6,000 units divided into three categories of reliability or ability to work to targets, as well as good solid business reputation. After the work of skimming, only 50% sales channels was considered appropriate and therefore, was made ​​operational. Today, after almost three years after implementation of first phase of development, 32% channel deemed valid to operate and implement trade policies Ipcochemical is in full swing at 100 %.

The second phase of development is to consider that:
In further stages of growth, competition among firms, as well as being high is very close. This is because each company is aiming to win more business areas possible. These areas are attainable to the extent that it succeeds TO HAVE A RESPONSIBLE AND DISTRIBUTION fierce. Distribution structures, which do not weigh down the company with fixed costs, distribution companies are those rooted in the territory and with a solid reputation, act independently and are strongly focused on business. These “super carriers” of the industry, are able to add, with their years of personal history, the most valuable brand proposed. This distribution, very focused market “Professional”, is currently the only way to increase the success factors of Ipcochemical both in business than in the Automotive Industry.
Noting that the total of these organizations Italy is about 100 units, 20 units Ipcochemical has chosen to implement its second phase of development. The selection took into account the assessments on its activities over the years in the territory where they are located, the potential expressed in time and marketing strategies expressed by them.